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〈 The story of how COZY COFFEE came to be 〉

The two of us started to walk our lives in a new way.
At a location between the Kuzuryu River and Mount Jyohoji on the outskirts of the Hakusan Mountain Range, we opened a coffee beans shop in the fall of 2016.
By this, a brand new world opened up in front of us and we gained a way to live a light-hearted life.
Coffee has wondrous power. Lives with good coffee generate a chain of smiles.

〈 Life is about COFFEE 〉

The town of Eiheiji in Fukui Prefecture, the location of COZY COFFEE, is one of the homes of Zen where Eihei-ji, one of the two main temples of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism, was founded by Dogen Zenji in the Kamakura Period (1185 - 1333).
Feel the calm and set your heart free while enjoying coffee made with beans roasted at this home of Zen.
You will continue to have peaceful time tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and forever – as long as there is good coffee.



One day, one sip... Zen coffee changed my life.

After spending a night for a retreat at Eiheiji, the "headquarters" for Japanese Soto Zen with 15,000 temples worldwide, I found myself driving along the beautiful Kuzuryu river. Engulfed in the most peaceful nature, I stumbled across Cozy Coffee, a quaint newly-built shop. Inside, the owner, Hayashi-san, told me about the self-driving car project in Eiheiji. Soon, I found myself in the Eiheiji mayor's office... and then appointed as Evolution Ambassador of the hometown of Soto Zen!

Since then, I don't look back.


Amil Khanzada

Founder of

Evolution Ambassador of Eiheiji Town

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